Can help you move forward after any traumatic event!      

Loss of a loved one, Abuse, Divorce, Accidents, Near Death Experience, PTSD and more




See what energies are working for you and what energies are working against you.


Empower yourself with Knowledge!


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Welcome to a NEW Path of Healing!

Ancient Techniques to Solve Modern Day Problems





Why Choose Shamanic Healing?    


You will let go of:

  Old Habits, Old Beliefs 

  Old Patterns of Your Past  


Learn to live the Life you have always dreamed of!


“The profound clarity, serenity and insight that I left with after each of my sessions accompanies me through each day, as this type of healing is dynamic and applicable.  The connection to my faith has only grown through this therapy and the mental strength and focus it affords me is life-changing.”  S. K.


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Shamans understand

that all illness has a spiritual component and comes from the internal, nonphysical realm.



   I will assist you to self-heal by acting as a mediator between the "unseen" world and the natural world.


   You will then start to feel an energetic shift

as old patterns are released and replaced with


that will give you the power to move forward with your life!


What is a Shamanic healing?

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Shamans use powerful tools for your healing!



Power Animal Retrieval

Do you give away your strength time and energy?

Is it literally stolen by other people?

Power animals protect us and restore our personal Power!


More about Power Animal Retrieval?  


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Blockages and Intrusions

Layer by Layer the original trauma is unearthed

and the blockage or intrusion is removed

to break the pattern and

bring the healing!



More about Blockages and Intrusions  


Soul Retrieval


Full Moon, Phoenix, 2019
Photo by Marina Johnson, Arizona  2019


Soul Loss can happen any time in our lives following a traumatic event.

Shamanic healing retrieves the soul parts that are ready to return.

A feeling of WHOLENESS will return to You!


More about Soul Retrieval


“I whole heartedly recommend Jan as a practitioner.  If you choose to work with her, you will be in good hands.”  Scott Silverston, Founder, Shamanic Spirit Medicine.


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My Runes in the Wolf Super Moon light. 2019
My Runes in the Wolf Super Moon light. 2019


"Where am I going?"

"What am I supposed to do?"


Gain Self-Empowerment

along with the Confidence to

Let go of the Past

Move forward

Follow your Destiny 

Into a more happy and peaceful life!


     The energy of each rune has always vibrated continuously throughout the fabric of the Universe and represents eternal truths.


Rune Readings Testimonial
Rune Readings Testimonial


     A Nine World Rune Reading


is a very powerful tool to help you understand the nine realms of your human existance--

What is working for you and what is working against you!


     A Past-Present-Future Reading

will assist you in many more specific issues.


More about Runes


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Full Moon Rising over my Medicine Wheel--2019
Full Moon Rising over my Medicine Wheel--2019

Find Healing and Balance

through the directions of the



Medicine Wheel &

World Tree



Unravel Past Wounds!

Clear your Path!

Move into Right-Alignment

with your Physical and Spiritual self!


Connect to your TRUE PATH!


More about Medicine Wheels and Circles




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You can Experience

Shamanic Healing and Rune Readings

in person or remotely.


No need to travel to my location!

There is no time or space in Shamanic Healings or Rune Readings!


You will feel safe and comfortable during your Healing Session!



“I felt safe and calm.  I felt like she truly cared about her work and me.  She is honest and kind.  Definitely going to be coming back for more sessions and recommending others”  Marina J.


“This is wonderful! Jan is amazing at walking you through, explaining and relating things in a way that put me at ease and helped me better understand how this type of healing was exactly what I needed!”   M. B.


More about a Healing Session

More about a Distance Session

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My Story

     I tell you my story because

I have been where you are now!


I discovered the Power of Shamanic healing first hand.


Whatever your situation is,

No matter how many 

unhealthy patterns you repeat,


 There IS HOPE for

REAL Change and

a Better Life!




 Read My Story                                                                                  


“Since my session, my heart has been more open.  I have been more present in my body and I have felt more than I have in a really long time.  I have more of a balance with giving and receiving love.  I am listening more to myself and learning how to have a closer relationship with myself and how to support myself better.  Since Jan shared her beautiful medicine with me, my life is changing for the better.  Jan’s work helped me tremendously.  Forever grateful.  I look forward to future sessions”  Lanette D.


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