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           Ancient Rune Readings


             Have you been wondering:

             "Where is my life going?"

       "What am I supposed to do in this                             situation?"

       "Why am I stuck and not moving                             forward?"





If so, a Nine World Rune Reading is a very powerful tool to help you understand what is going on within each of the nine realms of your human existence as well as what is going on externally that is affecting you.


The energy of each Rune vibrates continuously through the fabric of the Universe and represents eternal truths which can be applied in multiple ways depending on its position in the Rune reading.



As you place yourself in the center of the Runic Medicine Wheel and the Runes are laid out in each direction around you, we will be able to discover what energies are working for you and what energies are working against you.  


By looking at the Runes in each of the nine directions, we will see the precise causes of difficulty or blockages in your life.  We will also see the positive areas that are producing good results.Enter caption here






Remember that your future hasn't happened yet!  We live in the Ever-Changing-Present -Moment and we control what we weave into our Past and THAT is what determines our future options!


My ONLY goal is to give you the self-empowerment and confidence you need to let go of the past and move forward, following your destiny, into a more happy and peaceful life.


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