​Medicine Wheel 


Through Medicine Wheel healing, I can help you unravel past wounds, clear your perceptions to help you move forward and reconnect to your true path.

     The circle is a powerful symbol.  It has been found all around the world for thousands of years in many forms.  Sometimes the circle is a literal circle of stones on the ground.  Sometimes it is carved into stone and wood or painted on clothes and rocks.   

    Among some Native American cultures, the Medicine Wheel or Sacred Hoop has been used for health and healing.  The most common belief is that the Medicine Wheel represents cycles of life.  The cycles of life follow the pattern of the directions of the wheel:


     South--Growth to maturity



  Then back to East and new birth


   ​The directions of above and below are also represented by Sky, Sun, Earth and Moon.  The center is the Creator of All Things (God) and Spirit Tree (Tree of Life).   

        In addition to being a symbol of the natural cycles of life, the medicine wheel can also represent the elements of earth, air, fire and water. 


     Each direction brings us its own special "Medicine" for our good.   

All together the Medicine Wheel symbolizes a path

to healing, health and balance on every level

--emotional, intellectual, spiritual and physical.


     Regardless of where you are on the wheel, the "MEDICINE" of the wheel is powerful and symbolic.  Through its symbolic teachings we learn about ourselves, our patterns and the reasons why we may be out of balance with ourselves, others and our world.  It gives us concrete ways to resolve the issues we are facing. 

My Medicine Wheel
My Medicine Wheel

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