As a person with a strong faith in God, my initial reaction when hearing about Shamanic healing was skepticism.  The idea of this type of healing was not only unfamiliar to me, it seemed to push against my faith.  However, not wanting to ignorantly denounce something I did not understand or worse yet, judge something without using the God-given intellect and discernment given me, I decided to meet with Jan and keep an open mind to the type of healing and therapy that she practices.

       I am so grateful that I did.  Knowing Jan, her faith, her integrity, her servant's heart, and the amount of time, training and continual research and study she invests into her profession put me at ease and I scheduled a healing session with her.

      The session was unlike any other therapy I have encountered.  The conversation we had prior to and following the active session were paramount in helping me acknowledge, understand, and release many of the issues I have been unwilling to deal with in my life and in some cases even acknowledge were alive in me.

      The profound clarity, serenity and insight that I left with after each of my sessions accompanies me through each day, as this type of healing is dynamic and applicable.  The connection to my faith has only grown through this therapy and the mental strength and focus it affords me is life-changing.

                                                                                                                   Suzanne K.




  I whole heartedly recommend Jan as a practitioner.  During the course of her year long Applied  Shamanism Apprenticeship Training with me, I saw Jan approach her study with a remarkable amount of diligence, integrity and dedication.  Her understanding of right alignment and her desire to make a positive contribution to humanity and the web of life are readily apparent in how she approaches her work and lives her personal life.  It has been a pleasure to witness Jan's blossoming and growth as a practitioner.  If you choose to work with her, you will be in good hands.

--Scott Silverston

Founder, Shamanic Spirit Medicine




       Prior to receiving my session from Jan, specific intentions were set.  I asked her to help me release any and all ties that I had to past molestation and sexual assault.  I had mentioned to her how the older I got the more I felt I had blockages in my heart that kept me from feeling.  I also shared with her my negative programming and relationship with money.  I wanted that to be taken as well. 

       After the session I felt much lighter and more emotional.   I asked her for details of what she saw and removed from me and she was very forthcoming and explained everything in a very nonthreatening and caring way! 

       Since my session my heart has been more open.  I have been more present in my body and I have felt more than I have in a really long time.  I have more of a balance with giving and receiving love.  I am listening more to myself and learning how to have a closer relationship with myself and how to support myself better. 

       I carried a lot of anger towards one specific person that was a molester in my family and after this session I felt more at peace.  I am not as angry, do not think about him as often and wish for truth and justice to come his way. 

       Fortunately since Jan shared her beautiful medicine with me, my life is changing for the better!  There is still more work to be done, as there always is, but Jan's work helped me tremendously.  Forever grateful.   I look forward to future sessions. --Lanette




I was excited to get this work done.  At first I was scared because it was something I had always been interested in, but didn't fully understand.  Jan explained everything to me before the session, during and after.  I felt safe and calm.  I felt like she truly cared about her work and me.  She is honest and kind.  Definitely going to be coming back for more sessions and recommending others.

--Marina Johnson



Jan is an incredible woman.  She has helped me tremendously on my spiritual Journey.  I would recommend you book a session with her.  You will not regret it!  Thank you Jan.

--Shannon E.



Had a fabulous conversation with Jan.  She taught me so much about working through tough traumas and hard emotions and I was so grateful she took the time to explain everything.  Wish I could give 10 Stars!  Highly recommended.




​We all need help navigating this life and having Jan as a guide/helper/shaman makes it better.  Jan is an amazing person and Shaman.  She leads you to insights and answers that we all seek on our life path (even if we don't like what is revealed).  She uses her gentle intuition, life experiences and caring nature to guide you to clearing the old to make room of an easing to life to take place.

--Ren M.



​My session with Jan was unlike anything I've ever experienced.  She made me feel so safe, comfortable and made everything very personable.  She guided me through one of the most amazing healing experiences I've ever had.  I highly HIGHLY recommend Jan to anyone looking to heal and bring positive change to their life.  I have gone to a few different holistic healers that were over priced and didn't give me much guidance or healing.  Jan is inexpensive and makes her work feel like a personal journey to bring light to peoples lives.  It's not just a job for her.  You won't regret seeing Jan!

--Kendra K.




WOW I can't thank Jan enough for helping on my re birth journey!  The release of bad energy that was holding me back within myself was indescribable.  I went in expecting guidance and she did way more than that.  She empowered me to see the light.  The sunshine within me that is dying to radiate upon those who surround & encounter me.  To take charge of my own sovereignty.  Jan made me feel comfortable, accepted, free of judgment and most of all loved.  She truly does this from the heart and you can feel it from the second you encounter her.  I will forever be grateful to her for guiding me into this new chapter of my beautiful life.  Thank you Jan for doing what you love and sharing your gift with the world.

--Roxana D.



​Jan is a great Shamanic healer.  She is very insightful and compassionate.  I have always felt very comfortable both talking to her and working with her.  She has a unique gift for communicating in such a way that helps others feel peace and at absolute ease.  I also have appreciated her sensitivity to other's beliefs and backgrounds that may be different from her own.  Jan provides insight and wisdom and always in a peaceful and respectful manner.  I strongly recommend Jan.

--Lisa R.



Jan was integral in my healing.  She helped illuminate what was hidden to me, and cut the cords of unhealthy attachments.  She gave me a lot to think about, process, and grow forward with.  Thank you.  Would recommend to anyone.  Come in with an open heart.

--Calvin S.



What a wonderful and beautiful experience!  I googled searching for a shaman and I am so grateful that Jan was the first to appear.  She is so kind hearted, authentic, and truly wants to help as much as she is able.  I highly suggest having a session with this truly gifted healer.  I will definitely return as I continue through my own healing journey.

--Rachelle R.



​I first heard Jan speak during a virtual expo and I was so happy to find someone here in Utah!  Since then I've done a single rune reading, a nine world rune reading and a shamanic healing session.  They were all online, but I feel like I was right there with her!  I appreciate her detailed explanations, and the readings reassured me that I was on the right track.  I highly recommend the healing session--it was very calming, and I felt lighter almost immediately.

--Abby F.



I have had two rune readings with Jan Castro, which I scheduled after I heard her speak at an online Expo.  Both of my readings were exceptionally well done!  At times, I got goosebumps listening to the accuracy of her words as she interpreted the runes for me. Both readings took place online, due to the current pandemic, but they didn't seem to be lacking in any way.  I felt a strong connection.  Jan's presence is both peaceful and energizing and she brings great insight to her readings.  I have already recommended Jan to friends and family!

--Loretta F.



​I have never had an experience like I had here.  Not only was Jan very professional, she was kind, down to earth and knowledgeable.  I came to Peaceweaver with absolutely no hope or energy and left with a kind of peace, indeed, that I haven't felt in years.  I hope to work with her for years to come.  I would recommend Jan at Peaceweaver to anyone in need of spiritual guidance and cleansing.  She truly is an amazing person.

--Lisa W.



​What an amazing experience.  Jan is an amazingly talented and kind woman.  If you are in a rut, feel stuck in life and lost, I highly recommend seeing this beautiful woman.  Thank you so much, Jan.

--Nicole H.


Very happy to have had this session with Jan.  She has a vast experience and put into words everything that was affecting me at the moment.  Her session brought up a major topic I am dealing with for my whole life and I felt a shift immediately after that session.  I can totally recommend her and would love to repeat.

--Corinna F.



​Amazing experience, she definitely helped me with my blockages and find my spiritual strength with my spirit animal guides.  The rune reading was spot on for what is happening in my life and helped me find more direction and reassurance.  I highly recommend doing a session or rune reading with her!!

--Tara S.



Jan is a highly skilled practitioner who provides a safe space for deep healing and transformation.  I highly recommend her healing sessions, they are so amazing!

--Penelope L.



Jan did an amazing job at making sure that I felt at peace.  Making sure I was being attended to in the way that worked best for me personally.  Left feeling enlightened and full of hope.

--Jen M.



An amazing Experience.  Truly grateful and hope to return again someday.  Peaceful and relaxing and meaningful.

--Snow B.



Great Experience!  Felt safe with Jan.

--Pamela H.



After working with Jan, I felt a true energetic shift.  I left feeling much lighter, joyous and optimistic.  It was an extremely transformative experience.  Thank you, Jan!

--Catherine A.



Jan is a gifted shaman and healer.  She is professional, thorough, and made me feel comfortable and relaxed through the entire session.  Her soul retrieval work and spiritual healing were on point.  I left feeling lighter with clarity of insight and no longer weighed down by past traumas.  I recommend her to all my family and friends.

--Celeste T.



I have had 2 Shaman sessions with Jan and both of them left me feeling light and refreshed, almost a free feeling from all the past trauma I had.  She explains the process very well and provides helpful tools to keep you grounded after your experience with her.  She has compassion and listens to all your concerns.  She's amazing and I would highly recommend her if you need that push to help you get unstuck!!

--Jeannie T.



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