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I do take students on a very individualized basis.  I do not take more than three at a time.


I do charge for my time.  It is $200.00 for a 2-2.5 hour session (Teaching or Healing).  For teaching it is usually every two weeks but that can be spread out at longer intervals if needed. I have divided up the teaching sessions into approximately 20 sessions.  That of course is fluid depending on the student.  Also there is no requirement to complete all the sessions.  For example, someone may just want to learn the basics about Shamanism and how to journey into non-ordinary reality, find their Power Animal, etc.  Others may want to use it for self-work and overcoming their issues.  Others may want to go on and learn how to help others heal.


Also if you have a business already, ask me how to get 40% of your training paid for by a small business grant.


I am happy to share what I know.  Let me know what you have in mind or what your are interested in doing.


Many Blessings,